is a smart (Small to Meduim Area Repair Technique) repair company covering South Wales.
With more and more people having leased cars with expensive
clause’s regarding interior trim damage  our service could save you money!!
Whilst most of are work is done for Main dealers, insurance company’s and body shops we also are available for the public as well.
Sometimes even the best of car owners can neglect the interior of their car.

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Skills You Need to Restore a Classic Car


car plastic bumper trim paint repair kit

Leather repair is often used on todays luxury cars.

Leather repairs are often carried out on leather seats as they are easily scratched, it is so easy to catch the leather with a belt, zip or the studs from your jeans.

We can restore your leather.

Leather seat restoration is sometimes referred to as re-connolising a term that has been widely used in the restoration of auto leather interiors but was actually derived from Connolly Leather who were incredibly protective of their name & reputation for quality when still trading.

Connolly Leather ceased trading after more than 125 years of supplying quality finished leather to customers such as the British Royal Family, Rolls Royce & Bentley, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Lotus to name few. Many contracts used their leather over the years such as The House of Commons, The House of Lords, The British Museum, QE2 as well as many prestigious hotels & buildings around the World.

There name is being kept alive by a company that was started by former employees of Connolly leather who are now producing Connolly branded leather care products

How Do You Repair Or Replace a Car's Dashboard?

car plastic trim scuff repair

Dash repairs are still often caused by accidental damage usually from careless passengers and occasionally from bored children.

We have repaired dashes that have been scuffed or scratched and even one or two that have been vandalised with a cigarette lighter!

Dash damage is sometimes caused by spillages from liquid type air-fresheners some of them severely damage plastic trim and even melt the top surface of plastic if left on there for any length of time.

Some of the plastic trim panels have a wood, chrome or silver finish and are not possible to repair. If you regularly use air fresheners in your car make sure they are not leaking when you place them in the air vent!