Many of us in Cardiff own nice cars but to keep it that way you have to look after the interior trim as well as the exterior paintwork.

A new car does not usually need any car interior repairs unless you have an accident but as it grows older, you will need to pay it more attention.

The dashboard, leather items, carpets, seat covers, door panels, will often need to be either refurbished or repaired.





Car interior repairs can range from painting the dashboard or leather seats with a specialist leather or vinyl paint that has been designed to do the job properly.

It is always best to call in an expert repair company like Trimtastick at Bridgend but if you have no one local and you do decide to have a go at DIY repairs then this guide should help you. Purchase  products from a reputable company that specialises in the supply of SMART repair products.

When repairing trim preparation is very important, first of all, remove all the parts that you can and wash them in warm water with a mild soap solution added to it. Avoid getting water near any electrical connectors or components.

Use a soft cloth to clean the other interior parts such as steering wheel, door panels, dashboard, etc. Cover the other areas then rub the plastic parts and affected area with a fine-grade sand paper.

Again clean up and apply good quality of plastic prep solution on the areas you want to paint PlastiC Prep is a degreaser and bonding agent. Allow to dry and finally apply the proper re-paint color that is specially designed for your car type. A vinyl repair kit is often the best option.

It is not always the case that you need a professional to do the car interior repair. The minor problems can be solved on your own. All types of company kits and manuals are available in the market. Well, one thing is sure the minor problem is the cause of major difficulty in future. Hence, it is important to detect them and repair in the first stage itself.

Skills You Need to Restore a Classic Car

Somehow even the best of car owners can neglect the interior of their car. Most of usually take a little time to wash the outside or at least go through the car wash. For some reason the interior gets put off until eventually you are wondering what happened to your car's interior. However, you should know that your car's appearance on the outside is just as important as your car's appearance on the inside. So, if somehow you have the let your car's interior slip away, here are some ways to get it looking good again.

First of all start by cleaning out all the trash and stuff that doesn't belong in your car. You know, those shoes, maybe a beach towel, or papers for work, take all that stuff out and put it where it belongs. Get all the bottles, napkins and left over fast food to the trash can as soon as possible.

Also, if your headliner is starting to sag or is already sagging quite a bit you should consider that interior repair as well. It is also not that expensive and takes little time. Keep in mind that any idea you may have for repairing it yourself will most likely not last long, and it will only waste your time and money.

These are a few tips to getting your vehicles interior looking like new. Whether you want the car to look good for you or for a sale these few repairs and TLC will get your vehicle looking great. Anyone will be proud to own or ride in your car after you get your interior looking great!

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Smart Ways to Properly Take Care of Your Vehicle

We all want our cars to run good, however we also really want to them look good. There are many things that affect how your car looks. And the inside counts just as much as the outside when determining its condition. Sometimes it may be a small part of your car that needs repairing to get it looking great. One of these areas of concern could be your dash board. If your dash board is making your car look older than it is you may want to consider getting it repaired.

Getting your dash board repaired can increase or maintain your cars resale value in the event that you need or want to sell or trade your vehicle. It makes the car look good and new, which is what any used car shopper is looking for. Sometimes it is the simple things that make it or break it for a car sale. Whether your dash board is cracked, scratched, or fading that can be a factor. Also, you will feel better about having a car that looks great. It is a nice feeling to have an older car that looks like new, it also shows that you take pride in yourself.

There are also a few things to you can do to prevent cracks, scratches, and fading from occurring on your dash board again. The biggest problem with dash boards is that they are located right under your car's windshield, which is where a lot of light and primarily heat come in. The heat beats down on your dash board causing it to fade and crack. So buy yourself a sun shade for your car to keep the heat out. It is definitely worth the money. Also get some armor-all while you're at it and use it regularly on your car's dash board. These two things will help keep your dash board looking its best for a long time!

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